Lithuanian Director In Hollywood Remembers Home (Tomas Auksas).

From Eastern Europe to Hollywood looks like it’s a long road. You have to put in a lot of work and use all of your connections to make big moves in there. But not everyone is happy in Hollywood, it’s a pretty difficult place. Lithuanian movie director, Tomas Auksas, took over the entertainment industry, but always remembers Lithuania.

Tomas Road To Hollywood.

Like most of the people Tomas road to Hollywood wasn’t that easy. He was born in Lithuania and was a popular and active kid. Every event in school was with him, every party was with him and he always interfered if someone was bullied. Everything changed, then his parents decided to emigrate to England. He didn’t know English, was bullied and unhappy. Tomas didn’t even finish school. He was bullied so much and didn’t know language, so there was no point in the school. Being very young Tomas was lucky enough to find a job in event management company „Liberatum“. This company is one of the biggest event organizers and a big deal for him. He went from intern to head of creativity really quickly. Most importantly movie director became one of the best in his profession.

Tomas Auksas Projects

Tomas Auksas had a lot of various projects. He always had a lot of talents and wanted to express himself in various activities. As was said Tomas started as an intern in event management company „Liberatum“. The Lithuanian movie director always, puts his heart into the projects, so he became head of creativity. But this wasn’t enough, Tomas did a lot of things with fashion. Like he was a model and involved in other projects. As was said, the most important thing in his life – movies. Similar to the other Lithuanian movie director, Jonas Mekas, all movies have this important social message. One of his movies was about the environmental crisis. This movie featured Cher, Markas Ruffalo, Vivienne Westwood and Marina Abramovič. Another documentic movie was about Lithuanian foster homes. This topic was really important to him and put all this heart to show that there is a wrong opinion on foster homes and people with disabilities.

No matter how successful Tomas was, he always remembered his roots. He could only look at financial successful projects, but put a lot of work to documentary to make the world a better place.

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