Tadas Vidmantas From Youtuber To Film Director

In this digital age, a lot of people in entertainment start their careers online. YouTube is one of the best platforms for actors, producersand scenarists. They express creativity and get some recognition there. A lot
of great actors did it
, for example, Andy Samberg, Lucas Cruikshank, and many others. Lithuania’s most famous director, Tadas Vidmantas, started there as well and made some  pretty good films.


Tadas Vidmantas Biography


T. Vidmantas was born in the small Lithuanian village Sirvintos. He  graduated from Sirvintos Laurynas Stuoka-Gucevicius high school. T. Vidmantas started his career as an award-winning playwright in 2001. He made his first video in school and then worked in this industry. From 2004 to 2008 Tadas studied graphic design at Vilnius Academy of Arts where he earned a bachelor’s degree. Vidmantas was working as a director in the production company ”Magnet Films” (now Grandma Enterprise). Since 2009 he has been freelancing in the film industry. Tadas moved to London in 2010 and got some experience from this market. The experience he got while living in England, helped him make one of the most popular Lithuanian movie. Today he is still freelancing
and he still
 makes some YouTube videos.


Tadas Vidmantas Movies


As mentioned before, Tadas Vidmantas created quite a few internet projects that got a lot of attention. For example, he had a show called “Riteriai” (knights) or a video that went viral, which is called “Give me back my modem”. But then he became a movie director and he got another kind of recognition. The content of Tadas movies of quite simple, for example, “Gautas Iškvietimas” (Received call).  This movie has some similarites to the “RedirectedA lot of action and a lot of well-known faces were there. The last movie that was really successful is 3 Million Euros” (3 milijonai eurų). It was very profitable and showed the more serious side of him. Right now he is planning of making  a bigger movie for the international market. 


To sum up, Tadas Vidmantas is surely a talented and creative movie director. He started his career by making quite silly content and uploading it to Youtube and it evolved to something bigger, however, a lot of this silliness can be found in his later work. We hope it evolves into some  more serious work.


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