Lithuanian Producer, Svdominik, Took Over Music Industry

In this digital age, communication with your idols could be really easy. A lot of people reach out for advice to people that they follow. In the music industry, it’s an especially popular thing. Lithuanian producer Dominikas Svorobovičius-Svdominik did this kind of thing and made big moves in the industry.

Svdominik Early Days

Like most of the teens Dominikas have tried a lot of things. He used to swim and box, but these kinds of things didn’t bring him joy. At that point he decided to try video games. It was pretty cool, but it didn’t last as well. Svdominik started playing with „FL Studio“ at that time. He didn’t have an idea it was going to be his new career. Dominikas was figuring out how this platform works by pressing everything and watching what it does. Of course he was learning from his favorite producer „Southside“ and his technique. At this point he realized that he loves to make music with not a lot of bass, but more melodic sound. That became his signature. He sent his beats to another Lithuanian producer Nojus-Vnoahh. That helped his career a lot to make it in this industry.

Svdominik Music Style

Svdominik took some time to figure out his style. He wanted to stand out from all producers. Finally Dominikas found out his style, it was chorus singing with electro and hip hop elements. Right now chorus music is really popular, but we want to believe that Svdominik started this style. One of his beats took Meek Mill, Lil Baby and Lil Durk and created the song “Sharing Locations”. This beat has V. Kernagis song element, child chorus singing. Kernagis is one of Lithuanian greatest folk musicians. Pretty similar to Stilyagi, Kernagis with music was fighting for Lithuanian independence. Now this musician and his songs are all around the world, because of Svdominik. His unique melodic style made him financially successful as well. He had a record deal with Marshmallow records. Meek Mill’s “Sharing Locations” made his fortune as well. As he said he can chill for quite some time.

Svdominik did a good job by promoting home country in music, promoting himself and making hit records. He is just 18, but made it in Hollywood from his room in Lithuania. Everything is possible, if you know how to promote yourself and you are passionate about what you do.

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