Stilyagi - Fighting Against Communism

In the world subcultures are really important to every country. It influences culture, art and especially the youth of the country. They form non profit organisations that impact politics and all society. This happened with the stilyagi subculture in Soviet Russia that spread tolerance and American culture threw clothes and music. 

Stilyagi History

Stilyagi was formed in Soviet Russia after the second world war. There was a big economical crisis so people wanted to leave all problems behind and went to parties with rock-n-roll music and colorful clothes. The main reason why Stilyagi was formed is the West and East conflict. In the East was dictatorship and strict rules, so people in their early twenties went against the system. They wanted to self – express and be free. This phenomena were largely repressed until Stalin’s death in 1953. This style had an opportunity to grow and gain respect of upper – middle class people. Of course the media and politics mocked it as not normal. But in 1957 Russia was more open to modern music and rock-n-roll. Nowadays we can see that part of this culture were talented artists, musicians, writers, film editors and other cultural personalities.

Stilyagi Impact

Stilyagi’s idea was just to express himself and be free. Ant this was a big problem in the Soviet Union, that everyone had to be the same. They listened to a lot of jazz and rock-n-roll music. It was not so ordinary to enjoy this kind of genre, but they did it anyway. Jonas Mekas was young around this time, and this culture reminds him, being extra – ordinary and reaching enormous things. Stilyagi brought a lot of American culture to the East world. A lot of these people emigrated to the United States, to express themselves. There was a big Russian movie, about this culture. It brought  today’s youth attention to this culture. It showed how hard it was to fight for freedom, and we should appreciate it. In a way this subculture helped to warm relations between Russia and USA and developed a lot of great specialists in art.

So as we can see this subculture was really important to the Soviet Union. It helped to get East closer to the West. Developed great musicians and artists, and people become more free.