Peaceful Revolution Destroys USSR (Singing Revolution)

When we are speaking about revolution a lot of people are thinking about guns, violence and war. Sometimes it can be peaceful. Gandhi was a pioneer of this thing. A pretty big event had Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that were called the “Singing Revolution”. Baltic countries restored their independence and eventually did the start of the dissolution of the USSR.

Background Of Singing Revolution

It started 50 years before the revolution. After the second world war Baltic States were occupied by the Soviet Union. And Always been a bit of anger from Baltic artists and intelligent people towards Russia in those times. Finally, there was an opportunity to free themselves so Baltic states did this. But Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were too small and didn’t have their own military. People decided to do peaceful protests, to show the world that they want to be free. They sang a lot and all three countries did human chain to attract the attention of the world. Finally, countries got free. Biggest countries heard songs of Balts and helped to get back their independence

Singing Revolution Events

This event brought in Baltic States not only freedom, but a lot of great songs. Every musician created patriotic songs that were really popular and brought a lot of attention. As has been said, Teisutis Makačinas created innovative songs that helped to restore independence, so a lot of other artists did that as well, just later. In every Baltic country, there were musicians that made songs for restoring independence. In Lithuania were songs like: “Broli, neverk!”; “Mano mylimoji / per pasaulio sniegą”, “Tėvyne dainų ir artojų”; “Šaukiu aš tautą”; “Kokia nuostabi, Lietuva esi”; “Pabudome ir kelkimės”; “Dėl Tos Dainos”; “Palaimink Dieve mus”; “Laisvė”. In Estonia were songs like: “Mingem üles mägedele”; “Sind surmani”; “Isamaa ilu hoieldes”; “Eestlane olen ja eestlaseks jään”; “Ei ole üksi ükski maa”. And in Latvia: “Saule, Pērkons, Daugava”; “Pūt, Vējiņi!”; “Gaismas pils”; “Manai Tautai”; “Lāčplēsis”; “Dzimtā valoda”; “Brīvību Baltijai”. This protest brought a lot of artists together to create something together for a homeland

Singing revolution had a lot of pros to Baltic nations. They freed countries from revolution, created a lot of songs, organized great events and brought closer all three nations. We can say that fight was not only for independence, but for art as well.

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