Popek - Craziest Polish Rapper

Eastern Europeans always been known, because they’re hardcore and a bit crazy people. But usually it doesn’t show up on their music or in their public persona. For example, Beatrich is one of the sweetest human beings ever. But rapper Popek is proud of his crazy persona and always surprises crowds with his appearance.

Popek’s style development

Popek’s extraordinary appearance and lifestyle are the consequences of his hard teen years. As he told in a Noisey interview he grew up in a really dark place. Then he was 16 he ran away to Germany. In Germany, he lived 3 years and relocated to the Netherlands, Amsterdam. In Amsterdam he had quite an interesting life. He was 2 times in coma, because of overdosing of LSD. The first time he was in coma for 6 months and after he left hospital Popek almost immediately did an enormous dose of LSD again and was in coma for 8 months. His main influence was Tupac and he wanted to do his style music in Polish. Of course his style was very influenced by the murder of his father. That’s why his music is really dark and outrages. As was his first rap group “Firma”.

Popek Impact in Polish Music

Popek is the most known rapper from Poland, maybe from all Eastern Europe. He has collaborated with rappers like Chronik, Krept and Konan, Big Narstie, JME, Professor Green, Jędker, Sokół, Peja, Virus Syndicate, Tempa T, P Money, Devlin, Wiley, Małolat, The Game, Sean Price, Stitches. He is creating dubstep, a bit of club music, grime and meme rap. So he doesn’t stay still in the comfort zone. Popek as well was one of the first rappers in Poland. Of course he went from pretty gopnik looking rapper, to tattooed eyed, with scars on face musician. He evolved his style as well as all Polish rap from street rap, to pretty lyrical dark music. And showed every Polish musician that they can do more things than just music. Like Popek does music and MMA fighting. So he made a big impact on the music scene and rap’s evolution.

We can see that Popek is an extraordinary rapper, because of the valid reasons. He had pretty hard young days, his music evolves quickly and that is how he expresses himself.