Lithuanian Filmmaker, Lina Pliopytė, in Hollywood Makes Big Moves

Every cinema enthusiast always imagines that the top of the film industry is in Hollywood. So every filmmaker wants to work there. If you are not American is really hard to get there, but some people manage to achieve this goal. One of Lithuania’s filmmakers, Lina Pliopytė, got pretty high in Hollywood by working hard and creating commercials, music videos and movies.

Lina Pliopyte Road To Hollywood

As has been said Lina is from Lithuania, and her journey started here. While she was studying journalism in university passion for moving pictures developed. Being a young adventure student, she went to the United States with a student program and decided that her home is there.  She continued her studies at University of Colorado Boulder. The best film school has been New York city, where Lina established herself in 2008 making films for NYLON magazine and fashion brands. Last 10 years of her life she worked as a freelance director & cinematographer, making numerous documentaries, commercials, music videos, travel content and short films. Her created products have been shown on MTV, PBS, Pitchfork and artsy festivals like Hot Docs, MIFF and IDFA. So she popped in this crazy industry quite quickly, but much work went there.

Lina Pliopyte Work

Lina made quite a few really good films that were acknowledged with an Emmy, Clio and a Silver Lion. Unlike Redirected or Tadas Blinda her films are more artsy and less action. She has worked in commercial, documentary and fashion & art areas. Lina made a really beautiful film about old ladies and fashion. This film, “Advanced Style”, is showing beautiful, courageous and fashionable old ladies that deep inside are teenagers. At first Lina made short films about these women and uploaded them on YouTube. People wanted to see this kind of content so she created this film. It was shown in the United States, and UK. It attracted a lot of people, and in the premiere of the film old ladies came so it went really well. Of course documentaries are a really important part of this filmmaker. She made quite a few of them like “Girls who Rock”. About girls that have fallen in love with music. So she creates content with a message and is really important to a lot of people.

Lina as you can imagine is quite an artist. Made quite a few really good quality films and left a big mark in cinema as Lithuanian. She is still working and we hope that big projects are going to happen soon.

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