Cookies And Clothing Brand Collab - “Gaidelis”

A lot of different brands decide to create clothes or some kind of other product. Usually musicians or actors decide to do this. In Lithuania a really interesting thing happened. Most traditional cookie brand “Gaidelis” did collab with clothing brand “labadiena” and made an awesome clothing line.

“Gaidelis” Project

“Gaidelis” clothing line is a really extraordinary project. This new product not only put a new revenue stream, but rebranded the company as well. The clothing line is innovative, fashionable, 90s influenced  sweaters, shirts and other accessories. From a style point of view it’s really similar to other big Eastern European fashion brands. The designs are really simple, but easy to remember. Everywhere is a logo, rooster, and pretty bright colors like orange, green and blue. A lot of bucket hats and vests make you feel like it’s the 90s. This choice of style made a lot of clothes sold out in a short time.

“Gaidelis” Marketing

The marketing for this clothing line has been done really well. Of course the budget was big, so they could show their ads on most of the channels. A lot of influencers and podcasters were wearing sweaters. There were small billboards across Lithuania, as well as social media ads. But more important that work is really fashionable and good quality products. “Labadiena” and “Gaidelis” worked really well together. 90s style is really relevant to this day, so everything went well. A lot of marketing specialists show this case as an example.

This odd combination worked really well for both sides. “Gaidelis” rebranded himself and “labadiena” got a lot PR. 

You can check clothes here –