Eurovision Winner - Måneskin

We have talked about Eurovision previously. Right now it’s happening and a lot of buzz has gathered for this event. Especially after Covid, it’s the first big event in Europe. Last year Eurovision didn’t happen, so there was a lot of attention. Good news, that it won great musicians – Måneskin

Måneskin History

The history of this band started in 2016. Then students choose the name when they had to register for Pulse, a local music contest for emerging bands. While brainstorming, De Angelis, who is half Danish, was asked by her bandmates to toss out some Danish words, and they agreed on Måneskin (“moonlight”), although its meaning is not related to the band itself. This event was really special to Eurovision winners, because they had to start writing their own songs. They Måneskin won this contest and performed at the Felt Music Club & School. First concert outside the local city was in Faenza.  Approximately 30 people attended the show. Single that took off was “Chosen”. Sony Music released this single and it charted at number 2 on the Italian FIMI Singles Chart. Of course they got a lot of recognition in X Factor where they mainly performed covers. Finally, they won Eurovision and we hope that’s just a beginning.

So Måneskin had a long way. From a school competition to an international contest. Everything went well, they kept true to themselves and performed great music.

The song that won Eurovision is here